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Muscle Simulation in VR

Muscle Simulation in VR

ZIVADynamics visiting our studio and utilizing our Digital Double 3D Scanning Service on one of their demo projects, displaying the capability of their new muscle system for VFX and VR.

ZIVADynamics VFX, the state-of-the-art offline and online physics-based Finite Element anatomy simulator, is currently being actively used to deliver characters and creatures in multiple tentpole hollywood productions. Designed from the ground up, it enables Visual Effects studios and VR production companies leverage the power of commercial software to enhance their position in the Visual Effects market.

BBC: The Virtual Reality Virgin

BBC: The Virtual Reality Virgin

3D Scanning people for Avatars It is possible to use 3D Scanning technology to create lifelike avatars, so they can be dropped into Virtual Worlds. Each camera is designed to take a shot - a little slice, which then gets stitched together. Each camera is designed to...

HoloFilm Productions

HoloFilm Productions

HoloFilm Productions on IndiGoGo VR is everywhere and 3D scanning is giving it a helping hand. HoloFilm Productions, the company behind the IndiGoGo campaign visited us a few days ago. The unique needs which needed to be addressed in this instance were the fluidity of...

Digital Doubles

Shape Control Mechanisms

  Shape Control Mechanisms The shape control mechanisms that are most prevalent in 3D animation are blendshapes and morphs. Morphing is a technique that combines multiple shapes into a single expression or what is called an absolute target, blending between them or...

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Muscle Deformers

  Muscle Deformers The third one and most computation expensive system of shape control is the Muscle System. This type of deformer brings the most realistic results, due to its ability to slide geometrical skin over underlying muscles. The way it works is that after...

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Morph Deformers

  Morph Targets The Morph Target or the Blend Shape is the ultimate skin deformer and is used where the total control over the shape of deformation is required. The Non-Rigid deformer will only get you half way to your desired shape by moving the vertex cluster into...

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Joint Deformers

  Joint Deformers The most basic type of skin deformer is the Skeleton Deformer. It is usually based on deformations of Rigid or Non-Rigid type and is driven by bone or joint binds. By binding vertexes to certain joints we are able to move clusters of vertexes around...

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History of Scanlab Photogrammetry

History In 2011, after working for a local 3D Scanning company and being dissatisfied with the laser and structured light scanning results, which are slow, wobble-prone, bad for your eyes and in some extreme cases outright cancerogenic, we saw a need for a safe and...

Digital Emily 2 Data Now Available From ITC

Thanks to the guys at ICT, Digital Human League and ChaosGroup for making the Digital Emily 2 data available for download and disection. Source: Digital Emily 2 data now available | wikihuman...

Scanlab at IMATS Vancouver

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