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Jason Bourne

  3D Scanning 3D Scanning is gaining popularity for sequences where actor's life may be in danger due to fast moving objects etc. Julia Styles was the actress we needed to 3D scan for the chase sequence where she hits the wall on a motorbike in the new Bourne movie....

The Flash

  3D Body Double 3D Body Double Scanning is getting more and more attention these days. The trick is to get a 3D Scan of the actor's face on the set and then, bring the actor's Body Double to our studio for a proper 3D Scanning session. The 3D Digital Double of the...

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In the following section we plan to share tips, tricks, techniques or publish general articles related to our set of services.
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3d Scan with Camera

3d Scan with Camera

  3D Scan with Camera 3D Scan with camera process is another way people can refer to photogrammetry. Some vendors use a single camera and others use multi-camera systems. While data can still be gathered using a single digital camera, this is not a viable option in...

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3d Scan: What Is It and How Is It Made?

  3d Scan: What Is It? 3d Scan, ultimately, the product of the 3d capture process. It may be a capture of people, objects or places. There are a number of ways of 3d capturing real-life objects. Some are accomplished using lasers through time-of-flight technology,...

3d Human Scans for Indie Games

  3D Human Scans For Indie Games: 3D Humans in game worlds are split into 2 categories: Player Characters and Non-Player Characters(NPC); yet we interact with NPCs just like we would with real people in the real world. We may sometimes get so tied up with the personas...

Scanlab Wiki

Glossary of Terms, Taxonomy and In-house RnD Projects

This section is designed to explain in-house concepts, as well as, try to add to already existing general Digital Double and 3d Scanning contepts.
Perhaps, you already took notice of peculiar vocabulary we like to use!

Shape Control Mechanisms

  Shape Control Mechanisms The shape control mechanisms that are most prevalent in 3D animation are blendshapes and morphs. Morphing is a technique that combines multiple shapes into a single expression or what is called an absolute target, blending between them or...

Muscle Deformers

  Muscle Deformers The third one and most computation expensive system of shape control is the Muscle System. This type of deformer brings the most realistic results, due to its ability to slide geometrical skin over underlying muscles. The way it works is that after...

Morph Deformers

  Morph Targets The Morph Target or the Blend Shape is the ultimate skin deformer and is used where the total control over the shape of deformation is required. The Non-Rigid deformer will only get you half way to your desired shape by moving the vertex cluster into...

Joint Deformers

  Joint Deformers The most basic type of skin deformer is the Skeleton Deformer. It is usually based on deformations of Rigid or Non-Rigid type and is driven by bone or joint binds. By binding vertexes to certain joints we are able to move clusters of vertexes around...

Skin Deformers

  Skin Deformers 3D Applications have a few basic types of skin deformers which artists can utilise to drive skin deformations. Some of them are: Joints/Bones, Clusters, Sculpt Deformers and Blend Targets. The main of the ones listed above is Joints and Bones...

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History of Scanlab Photogrammetry

History In 2011, after working for a local 3D Scanning company and being dissatisfied with the laser and structured light scanning results, which are slow, wobble-prone, bad for your eyes and in some extreme cases outright cancerogenic, we saw a need for a safe and...

3D Scanning with Microsoft Kinect

Microsoft Kinect for Xbox revealed itself as an excellent scanner, with which to acquire the shape of items. Let's see how to use it along with ReconstructMe, that in its more recent versions allows the creation of models that are accurate and ready to use.   The scan...

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