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Virtual Talent Development

TALENT SEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT – We are always looking to collaborate with Artists, Performers and Makers

3D Characters for Games and VR

Our licensable Digital Actors library includes people from all walks of life and professional disciplines: Models, Performers, Extras, Athletes, Cosplay, Tattoo & Makeup, Artists and Makers. Our talent is eager to participate in your Indie game projects to help you expand your viewer base.

With the help of our Character casting agency arm or any local talent agency of your choice, Scanlab provides Indie game producers and VR developers with asset packages of fully 3d scanned, textured, rigged and animation-ready 3d characters with a non-exclusive license at a reduced rate.

Our hope is to provide competitive prices and fair compensation rates for Indie startups, a scheme working in favour of all, by helping you bootstrap and get "greenlit" faster. The catch is you would have to re-hire your actors back for custom cyberscans and facial animation and motion capture.

It is essential to us to ensure the success of all participants.



You are in the business of body sculpting and physical performance.

We can provide you with a way to measure your success!
3D Scan and 3D Print yourself to aknowledge your success. And, when you make it big, you'll have a way to share.

3D Print yourself for your followers and admirers!



With our 3D Scanning Service Talent Agencies remain in control of digitally re-created principal actors and talent whom they represent in the real world.

So, Talent, how would you like to make extra revenue with the gift which you posses? You can be the next Hero Character in a computer game, MMORPG or just yourself in your choice of a virtual world!

Talk to us!


Virtual Talent Development


With so many people trying to build their community and break into the Makeup for Special effects, how can you stand out?

Just like with both Tattoo and Makeup, Cosplayers need a way not only to make sure their augmentations fit, but also capture and save the many hours of work that went into making of the costume.

Let 3D Scan it and extend the reach of your Costume into the virtual dimension of online worlds.



Just like with Tattoos, Makeup and Makeup Effects need to be not only represented online in their volumetric form, but sometimes prosthetic augmentation may be required to get to your desired look.

What's a better way to do this without messing around with Molds or Plaster Casts, which may even seem dangerous to some models?

In this case, 3D Scanning and 3D Printing is also a much better way to go.


Virtual Talent Placement


Artists and Sculptors may find interesting uses for 3D Scanning Service in their projects.

With 3D Scanning as a tool - we are able to digitise your art sculptures into a digital form, which can be viewed in people's internet browsers with Augmented or Virtual Reality capability.

All new browsers support this feature. We can provide you with technology and the expertise. Why not  take advantage of it?



Some maker projects may require Molding and plaster casts, why not integrate 3D Scanning and 3D Printing into.

You really don't have to do everything yourself. 3D Scanning is a tool, just like a hammer is.

Lets explore how you can use it to take your makes even farther!


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What's better way to show off your body art online, then a 3D Scan of a real you and your art piece in all its 3D glory, available online, in your follower's browser to view and admire?

The flat 2D picture is a way of the past. Lets make sure you and your art can be viewed in 3D! Talk to us!



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