3d Capture Process: Behind the Scenes

by Feb 28, 2019Step 2: Capture

Behind the Scenes

When we have a client over for a scheduled appointment, which happens after they have gone through the pre-planning stage, the process becomes much smoother and is pretty straight forward. There are no surprises.

The client comes over and we already know what needs to be done. We take them to the dressing room, which they use to put on whatever garments they need to be wearing during the 3d capture session. The dressing room has a mirror for some minor hair and make-up tweaks.

Then we bring them into our 3d Capture volume and instruct them on the A-Pose, as well as, the line of sight target to look at during the capture.

Capturing in Layers

The 3d Capture happens in layers, depending on what kind of assets the client needs 3d scanned.

Usually, there 3 Layers that we mostly care about:

  1. Full Body
  2. Pants
  3. Shirt + Shoes + Hat

Each capture takes about 2-3 minutes, which means we can have the client in and out of the studio in about 15 minutes!

What Happens After

After the 3d Capture and depending on what exactly needs to be delivered, we download the data and if request can provide Proofs and RAW Captures.

The seconds stage of the delivery happens after we have gone through all the photos and color corrected them according to our camera's X-Rite color profile. This give our clients color calibrated data! 

The third stage is usually a cleaned up 3d scan with re-topology and all texture maps requested in the following file formats: FBX, ZTL, Color, Normal, and Displacement textures!

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