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General Information

SCANLAB PHOTOGRAMMETRY, headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada, the leading provider of Virtual Actor and Digital Double products to Indie Game and Film Studios was founded in 2013 as a 3D Scanning Services studio.

Since that time, we have also begun producing and publishing our talent properties through of our sister companies Double.Digital and Actor.Digital.

We are constantly evolving and expanding our set of solutions to other compatible markets, such as 3D Product Imaging, Fashion and Custom Medical Devices.


The 3D Scanning Studio

Scanlab Photogrammetry, our 3D Scanning and End-to-End Digital Double development service, comprised of seasoned VFX professionals with experience in full-body Screen Actor, Talent and Character modelling and 3D scanning.

We enables Television, Games, and Feature Film Production Studios efficiently produce high-resolution 3D Body Scans, 3D Face Scans, Heads and Clothing.

Our goal is to free up our client's time and resources to be put toward ventures of strategic value.


Scanlab Photogrammetry Studio
GameHero Agency

The Agency

Actor.Digital, the talent acquisition agency behind our talent database. The agency provides Extras from all walks of life and professional disciplines: Models, Performers, Extras, Athletes, Cosplay, Tattoo & Makeup Artists.

Our talent that gets picked for publishing is eager to take part in new Projects and can help expand productions viewer-base through their "followers" while increasing the speed with which new content gets produced.


The Publisher

Double.Digital, the publisher of our Actor.Digital database, gives smaller studios, both local and global, a chance to use high-quality 3D Character Assets with a non-exclusive license at a reduced rate, thereby increasing the speed with which Indies can iterate and test new ideas without tieing up their resources in properties of secondary value to them.

Through dedication, hard work, and industrious innovation, we plan on consistently delivering on our promise to bring on the results to each partner and market with whom we work.

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