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Digital Doubles


3D Capture Service

Are you producing VFX for Television, Feature Film, Games, Virtual or Augmented Reality applications? Our 3D Scanning Service in Vancouver will help you produce Digital Doubles faster, cheaper and more efficiently!

Coming from the Digital Doubles production background, we have dealt with a wide variety of topics 3D Artists deal with every day. We deliver best Quality Data and always aim to solve issues at the initial 3D Scanning stage. Our core competencies lie in 3D Scanning of humans, people, person of different gender: male or female, women or men, and children.

We cater to the unique requirements of each Digi-Double.


Digital Doubles

Body 3D Scans

Our 3D Digital Double Body Scanning solution is specially tuned to getting the best quality Cyber scans possible, down to the pore level detail.

Human, person, people, man, woman, male, female can be captured with far more surface detail than what will be visible on the cinema or computer screen.

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Head 3D Scans

Head 3D Scans

The High-Resolution 3D Head Scanning solution we offer gives you the flexibility of 3D scanning heads of Digital Doubles without the need to 3d scan whole bodies.

The advantage of such workflow is the ability to assemble Cyberscans and use just the parts you need within your own Character Customization Framework.

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FACS Capture

Face 3D Scans

Capturing Facial Action Units or FACS, Micro-Expressions, Phonemes and Visemes is the best way to make sure you have the 3D scans you need for you Digi Doubles pipeline.

Using the topology of your choice, we will customize the 3D scanned mesh to match your pipeline and quality requirements.

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Digital Doubles Service for Visual Effects

Digital Doubles and Virtual Actor Cyberscans in Visual Effects for Television and Feature Film demand deep knowledge of a broad range of artistic and technical topics. Anatomical Subjectivity, 3D Scan Resolution and Mesh Topology are only a few of those.

All of the above have been much debated topics in the field of Character Modelling for Animation way before photogrammetry advances and our 3D Scanning Service. Being a part of our vibrant Vancouver Film Industry for over 17 years, our experience will be truly valuable to your Virtual Production needs and our quality speaks for itself.

For years, we've been extending ourselves into finding solutions to some of the most common Digital Double and 3D Avatar Customization problems. Contact us for more info!


Characters for Games

Virtual Characters and Digital Doubles are the most essential part of gamer's experience. Just as Real-Time rendering technologies venture beyond the Uncanny Valley, more is demanded of Hero Player Characters and NPCs.

We strive to match the resolution requirements of current day graphic card speeds and features: Geometry Tessellation, Shaders; and, even though some gamers are behind or choosing to use mobile devices, there are techniques to be utilized to optimize the number of Draw Calls, reduce passes and implement Screen-Space Sub-Surface Scattering.

We would like to share our experience with you and contribute to the success of your Games and Cinematics.


Virtual and Augmented Reality

Human 3D Scans for Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications demand their own approach and a different set of unique solutions to guarantee the quality of results.

Due to Serious nature of use, VR developers of such real-life Simulations have to exert enormous amounts of pre-planning and effort into their digital elements. First, to account for the advances in controller technology; and, second, to make sure these elements are future-proof.

In the future, the fidelity of Cyber scans based on Photogrammetry will play an even larger role as any non-realistic simulation will distract and pull participants attention out of simulation and story.


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