Generating Face Color Textures with AI

by Feb 15, 2019Textures

Generating Face Color Textures with AI

The second stage of our Digital Double journey is into Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

The video is a One-Hour test of a new technique of generating Facial Colour textures through the use of 3d Captured data sets. A total of 108,000 (One Hundred and Eight Thousand ) interpolated textures have been generated in a matter of 1 hour!

The purpose of the test is to demonstrate a fully unsupervised method of generating Facial Color Textures for Digital Doubles.

Why AI?

The main idea behind the conception of this micro-project is to be able to generate many thousands of background 3d characters based not on the artist input, but on the work done previously on hero assets and reusing those assets while improving the overall quality of new hero characters.

This may sound convoluted but here's the thing: The issue with the status quo approach to 3d character building pipelines is that artists spend a lot of their time painting new textures from scratch, this approach does not leave a lot of room for continues improvement over the quality of their previously done work. The Continues Improvement is the Key, and by leaving the mundane tasks of structuring the facial color textures to an Artificial Intelligence algorithm, artists are more likely to concentrate and immerse fully into the character-specific features of a personage they are trying to portray.

The AI aspect is meant to supplement and improve the process and not detract from the artistic flow or their though process when building 3d characters en mass. 

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