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3D Services

Visual Effects in Film, Games, Virtual and Augmented Reality and other related market segments

3D Scanning Service

3D Scanning Service in Vancouver, Canada! We offer 360° custom built 132-Camera (2.8GPx) Head and Body 3D Capture to Visual Effects, Game and Virtual Reality Studios.

Utilising our industry expertise in building Photogrammetry systems, we are able to refine and customise our workflow to fit any production schedule and pipeline. We are centrally located and quality focused Cyberscanning studio. We utilise top-of-the-line equipment, poses the knowledge and skill, and are able to deliver on time and on budget. Guaranteed.

... We are Flexible and Mobile!


3D Scanning Service

3D Capture Service

Are you producing VFX for Television, Feature Film, Games, Virtual or Augmented Reality applications? Our 3D Scanning Service in Vancouver will help you produce Digital Doubles faster, cheaper and more efficiently!

Coming from the Digital Doubles production background, we have dealt with a wide variety of topics 3D Artists deal with every day. We deliver best Quality Data and always aim to solve issues at the initial 3D Scanning stage. Our core competencies lie in 3D Scanning of humans, people, person of different gender: male or female, women or men, and children.

We cater to the unique requirements of each Digi-Double.


3D digitizing service

3D Scan Cleanup Service

Are you looking for a reliable 3D Scan Cleanup Service partner for your 3D Scanning Service? We can help you increase your capacity, meanwhile delivering top Triple-A quality 3d digital doubles!

We have a streamlined our processes and solutions for you in all of the following areas: 3D Capture, Masking, Processing, 3D Scan Cleanup, Texture Cleanup, Geometry Optimization, Re-Topology, Detailing, Customization. Additional services like Rigging, Muscle, Cloth and Hair Simulation may be provided upon clients request!

We take extra steps to insure our quality.


3D Modelling

3D Modeling Service

3D Modeling Service is a vast field. It encompasses every animate and inanimate object that you can think of, real or virtual. Applications of digital 3D Modelling skill in every imaginable field are endless. 3D Modeling is a process of exploration, invention, creation, design, function and evolution.

Some of the most common applications of digital 3D modeling skill in the context of Entertainment Media are in creation of 3D Environments, 3D Sets, 3D Props, 3D Characters and this may go way beyond into Multi-Dimensional Data Visualisation.

3D Modeling is a skill of 3d object creation with the help of software capable of mimicking space and matter.



3D PRODUCT IMAGING, CUSTOM CLOTHES FITTING, PROSTHETICS. We help design your products and communicate their value

3D Product Imaging

3D Product Imaging

Are you marketing Shoes, Handbags, Apparel, Sporting Goods? Our 3D Scanning Service includes 3D Product Imaging Service!

Two of the toughest problems to solve in the world of e-Commerce are convincing people to buy and making sure they are satisfied with their purchase. Our 3D product visualization service lets your customers familiarize themselves with your product, letting them make purchases with more confidence.

Given our Visual Effects background, we are able to customize our output for 3D Product Imaging applications.


Virtual Clothes Fitting

Virtual Clothes Fitting

Are you designing and grading for High Style Fashion, Sports or Performance Wear markets? Virtual Clothes Fitting is a must step in this day-and-age!

For today’s fast changing fashion industry our 3D Scanning Service offers the accurate measurement data and 3D visualization solution. We help brands develop customer-relevant fashion products, tailored to the clientele of different body types and sizes.

Our goal is to help reduce the number of returned merchandise due to wrong size and, through customer’s satisfaction, increase revenue, and margins.


3D Part Scanning for prosthetic development

3D Scanned Prosthetics

Do you design Prosthetics or Orthodontics? Increase your Aesthetics and Ergonomics with the use of 3D Scanned Prosthetics!

Maximise the aesthetics and ergonomics of your prosthesis with precise 3D design. Make a product that will provide a lifetime of comfort and service.

With new development in 3D Printing and Robotics fields and the right use of our 3D Scanning Service, we envision that in this half a century, Physical Augmentation will be the subject of envy.



AQUISITION AND PLACEMENT. We work with both Producers and Talent to build synergy and lasting relationships

Indie Game and VR Developers

3D Characters for Games and VR

Our licensable Digital Actors library includes people from all walks of life and professional disciplines: Models, Performers, Extras, Athletes, Cosplay, Tattoo & Makeup, Artists and Makers. Our talent is eager to participate in your Indie game projects to help you expand your viewer base.

With the help of our Character casting agency arm or any local talent agency of your choice, Scanlab provides Indie game producers and VR developers with asset packages of fully 3d scanned, textured, rigged and animation-ready 3d characters with a non-exclusive license at a reduced rate.

Our hope is to provide competitive prices and fair compensation rates for Indie startups, a scheme working in favour of all, by helping you bootstrap and get "greenlit" faster. The catch is you would have to re-hire your actors back for custom cyberscans and facial animation and motion capture.

It is essential to us to ensure the success of all participants.