3D Scan Human: Virtual Actors for GameDev

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3d Scan Human: Virtual Avatars for Games

3d Scan Human? Let me guess, you are probably looking for information on the 3d capture of human subjects. Well, you came to the right place!

If your name isn't DaVinci and your timeline and game budget is tight, it is time to learn about human 3d scans! I know, I know, This may sound super cheesy, but in all seriousness, human 3d scans are your best choice for WOW-ing those who may potentially fund and greenlight your project!

The reason for this is that it usually takes “Triple-A” game studios a lot of time to re-create realism in games, especially when those MVP prototypes need to fly on a slim budget. Not only that but finding the right 3d Artist that is able to deliver the true-to-life match will be harder than finding a needle in a haystack, as most of that talent has been absorbed by the VFX industry. All others are trying to start their own venture and may not be particularly interested in your Zombie sequel. Sorry.

What are your choices then? Well, for one, you could try your luck with a junior, and good luck with that. Or, if you are not very keen on gambling, you could request a 3d Scan Human service from us, and we would help you get your Virtual Actor 3d scanned, processed, rigged and animated. We have all the right tools to do the job right, as well as supply you with support to advance your 3d character pipeline further!

Our 3D Scanning Service will provide you with the out-of-the-box realism, so you can put your resources where your story requires them the most. Get in touch with us ASAP to schedule a free consultation.

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