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3D Scanning Service


3D Scanning Service

3D Scanning Service in Vancouver, Canada! We offer 360° custom built 132-Camera (2.8GPx) Head and Body 3D Capture to Visual Effects, Game and Virtual Reality Studios.

Utilising our industry expertise in building Photogrammetry systems, we are able to refine and customise our workflow to fit any production schedule and pipeline. We are centrally located and quality focused Cyberscanning studio. We utilise top-of-the-line equipment, poses the knowledge and skill, and are able to deliver on time and on budget. Guaranteed.

... We are Flexible and Mobile!


In-Studio 3D Scanning

Our 3D Scanning System is specially tuned to getting the best quality Cyber scans possible, down to the pore level detail.

Human, person, people, man, woman, male, female can be captured with far more surface detail than what will be visible on the cinema or computer screen.

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Photogrammetry Setup

Our 3D Scanning Rig is equipped with 132-Cameras providing a full 2.75-Gigapixel 16-Bit RAW resolution.

All Lenses are Circularly Polarised and in areas that demand High-Detail and Low Distortion sport Primes of 1.4 f-stop.

Both , Cameras and Lenses are tuned to No-Preprocessing, giving the client the true RAW data that will align perfectly in your software of choice!

Mobile 3D Scanning

Our mobile 3D Scanning Rig is a Non-Embeded system, giving us the ability to adjust the Capture Volume.

Whether your project demands 3D Scanning of Props or Digital Doubles, with our flexible Setup you will be able to adjust the system to fit your project requirements.

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