3D Scan Cleanup Service

Masking / Processing / 3D Scan Cleanup / Optimization / Re-topology / Detailing


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3D Scan Cleanup Service


3D Scan Cleanup Service

Are you looking for a reliable 3D Scan Cleanup Service partner for your 3D Scanning Service? We can help you increase your capacity, meanwhile delivering top Triple-A quality 3d digital doubles!

We have a streamlined our processes and solutions for you in all of the following areas: 3D Capture, Masking, Processing, 3D Scan Cleanup, Texture Cleanup, Geometry Optimization, Re-Topology, Detailing, Customization. Additional services like Rigging, Muscle, Cloth and Hair Simulation may be provided upon clients request!

We take extra steps to insure our quality.


3D Scan Cleanup Service

Scan Optimization

Characters are always optimized for the output and quality.

Every project and use case is different. Therefore, it is essential that there are no overheads, which may slow down the pipeline.

Get in touch with us for more details on how we can help you scale your 3D Scan Cleanup workflow.


3D Scan Retopology

3D Mesh Retopology

All of our outputs can be adjusted and, most importantly, we can handle your re-topology work!

Animation ready models differ from sets and props. See our Character Topology article on our Blog on how we handle.

Otherwise, provide us with your topology as a template and we'll match it from there on.


3D Scan Detailing

Surface Detailing

Level of detail is what everyone is after these days.

The amount of 3D scan detail captured can at times be staggering! Our job is to make sure that Low, Medium and High frequency detail levels are preserved at all levels.

Detailing is paramount to the realism of a 3D scan.


3D Asset Package Customization

Being able to take the output and plug it directly into your project is what we specialize in.

just give us a sample and we'll match it to make sure you have no compliance issues to worry about.

Easy to use 3D Film and Game Assets!


3D Customization


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explore samples in our



3D Capture

3D Scanning

Our State of the Art 2.0Gigapixel Photogrammetry Camera Array is ready to serve your needs. Learn more about our 3D Scanning Process.


Masking for Agisoft Photoscan

Masking for Agisoft Photoscan is a very important step, which does not get enough attention. Tedious at times, but it is essential that the time is vested in advance and leveraged to get the best camera alignment possible.

Automated masking may work, but there's nothing like doing masking the proper manual way to make sure the 3D Scan quality is not compromised.


3D Capture

Point Cloud Processing

Sometimes it may take a while to get the best quality Point Cloud, but we've A/B tested different techniques to find the ones that contribute the most to the Point Density.



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read our blog.

3D Scan Cleanup Process

3D Scan Cleanup process is an extremely essential step that every 3d Scanned geometry mesh must go through.

During the 3D Capture process, more than a few areas of your subject may end up occluded from the camera view and may not have been captured properly. Even with the best of the best equipment and thousands of cameras some areas may be missing (or maybe not), but lets get back to reality - some areas will for sure be missing even with the most reasonable photogrammetry system.

Having cameras pointing to all the right places of interest is very important, even at the cost of missing unimportant regions. This is because getting both: the right and the best data will give you the ability to reconstruct and interpret occluded regions correctly. More data does not equal good data.

If you live outside of Vancouver and are looking for the 3D Scanning Service provier, make sure you pick the one who will provide you with the cleanest data posible and consider using our 3d Scan Cleanup Service for your scan post-processing needs.


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