3D Character Creator: When to Avoid It

by Sep 19, 2017Digital Double

3d Character Creator

3d Character Creator is a piece of software which helps VFX studios and game developers speed up the process of populating computer generated worlds with digital characters through the use of pre-made humanoids, collections of body parts, morph targets and blend shapes.

The main issue with such approach is that most, if not all, 3D Character Creators tend to use either low quality 3d characters, often produced by beginner modelers, or have purposefully set their quality bar low, while compensating for the lack of anatomical accuracy with large datasets of 3d human body parts. In any case, what 3D Character Creators provide to CG professionals is a system for mixing and matching humanoids by modifying the morphology of isolated body parts.

Please note, Generated Characters are not meant to be used as anatomy reference, but rather as an expedited way of populating of crowds, which from afar to most viewers, may look human. Always use 3D Scans of Real People and never get too close to a generated human, unless they are generated with the use of Artificial Intelligence

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