In 2011, after working for a local 3D Scanning company and being dissatisfied with the laser and structured light scanning results, which are slow, wobble-prone, bad for your eyes and in some extreme cases outright cancerogenic, we saw a need for a safe and high quality 3D Scanning & 3D printing service for Visual Effects industry, and the benefit to the public with 3D Prints of figurines. In October of 2012, I backed up a Kickstarter campaign for Form 1, the first prosumer high-resolution 3d Printer.

Scanlab Photogrammetry Rig v01

In December of 2012, we got our first 20 cameras, on another credit card of course, and started to do 3D Scans for the people we knew. In 2013, we received our 3D printer and did a few 3D prints of people we scanned, on a credit card of course. Due to lack of our marketing skills we couldn't get anywhere. In the end, the printer got sold off, because I could no longer justify the time or money spent on it and for the future it was decided to rely on other local people with small budget 3D printers. Check out www.3dhubs.com where anyone with a 3D printer can register and help out locals conected to 3D design or CAD community.

Scanlab Photogrammetry Rig v02

In September of 2013, we began our very first movie project "High Moon" by Brian Fuller using version 1 of our Photogrammetry setup with stationary lights, before we moved onto flashes. I mean, we were literally running the whole thing on our credit cards out of a basement in Burnaby! One of the actors, Jake Sandvig, took a video of me adjusting the scanning rig. Check out his Vine account and the date posted! ( See Video Here! )

In December of 2013, it was decided that we move out of our basement, and each one of us gets their own 3D Scanning Photogrammetry Gear, yet me and my partner to this day work together on common projects and do scans for local TV Productions - High Moon, Witches of East End, The Flash. I've 3D Scanned for Paulo Majano, a Professor in Kwantlen Polytechnic University, for his Augmented Reality Art project for the Art Gallery of Surrey. And, helped an Indie Game Developer by providing a few free scans.

Scanlab Photogrammetry Rig v03