Virtual Clothes Fitting

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Virtual Clothes Fitting


Virtual Clothes Fitting

Are you designing and grading for High Style Fashion, Sports or Performance Wear markets? Virtual Clothes Fitting is a must step in this day-and-age!

For today’s fast changing fashion industry our 3D Scanning Service offers the accurate measurement data and 3D visualization solution. We help brands develop customer-relevant fashion products, tailored to the clientele of different body types and sizes.

Our goal is to help reduce the number of returned merchandise due to wrong size and, through customer’s satisfaction, increase revenue, and margins.


Virtual Clothes Fitting

Performance Wear

That thing we said earlier about statistical models is only the beginning for Sports and Performance wear.

The extension of this is our ability to simulate fabric and textile weight and tension. Imagine the possibilities!


Virtual Clothes Fitting

3D Tailoring

Tailored and custom fit clothing is the way of the future! Clothing, underwear, lingerie, swimwear, dresses, leisure, street wear, elegant wear, wedding wear, coats, outerwear, costumes, uniforms and the list goes on and on.

We are even able to simulate size series and digitally check them for correctness using cutting edge statistical models.


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Virtual Clothes
Virtual Clothes Fitting

High Style Fashion

Anatomical fidelity, body measurements, High Style Fashion requires a new way of Convincing Your Clients to Buy into the style.

Digital Runways and Catwalks; beautiful imagery and the up and coming wave of holographic fashion shows, because Kampnagel, Hamburg, Stefan Eckert’s 2011 show was only the beginning.


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