3d Scan: What Is It and How Is It Made?

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3d Scan: What Is It?

3d Scan, ultimately, the product of the 3d capture process. It may be a capture of people, objects or places. There are a number of ways of 3d capturing real-life objects. Some are accomplished using lasers through time-of-flight technology, pattern projection and reconstruction, and, of course, photogrammetry.

Every one of these methods works best mostly for one particular purpose, maybe two, but no one method is able to cover all different use cases where 3d scanning may be required. A 3d scan of a dynamic subject requires a particular kind of 3d capture setup, which is able to 3d scan subjects of interest from all possible angles in a matter of a few femtoseconds.

Photogrammetry, the method we chose to use for our subset of use cases, is able to cover almost all of the cases, but the technology behind sensors and cameras for each application may be different. A 3d scan produced by these different types of cameras may look similar.

The last thing to mention is that sometimes all three methods may be used in co-operation to give the best possible result. For example, in the case of under-exposed photography, an infrared sensor may be able to gather the missing data in the dark areas, which a regular CMOS can't pick up.

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