What is 3d Scanning?

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What is 3d Scanning?

What is 3d Scanning? 3d Scanning is a method of distance measurement, by which distances and depth between points in data are measured.

3d Scanner Types

There are a number of 3d Scanning systems which can be built to suit your particular use-case utilizing the aforementioned methods and sometimes these methods can be used in combination with one another to produce the desired result. All these methods produce 3d scans and each one of them has their strengths, weaknesses and costs associated with them.

There are a number of stages RAW 3d scan data has to go through before it can be handed off to a client.

3d Scan Stages

All the different stages of a completed 3d scan are all "products" in their own right and can be requested by the client without the completion of the succeeding steps. This scenario usually happens when clients either have the experience and capacity to finish those steps themselves, or they find no use for succeeding steps within their target application.

In cases where there is a use for all 3d scanning stages, but the clients has no capacity or experience in the processing of the 3d data to its final stage, then they would use our 3d scan cleanup services to handle their work for them.


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