This is the state of our 30 Camera Body 3D Scanning Array in November, 2014. The picture above is what the system looked like at that moment!Scanlab_Photogrammetry_Collage_MapStudioAmenities

We are preparing to do some client work where we will be doing a few Body 3D Scanning sessions. The body scanning project will definitely be challenging, yet we are fully prepared, ready and confident our 3D Scanning Systems' ability to capture just enough data and our own ability deliver animation ready digital doubles. But, facial 3d scanning is a definite reality with this system, even though perhaps the whole head needs to be captured with the frontal and back pass.

Most of the issues with the 3D Scan merging have been addressed, the 3D Scan Cleanup and processing pipeline are fully implemented to be used in production. We have also added a dressing room and a mirror, which gives our studio the final touch. Oh, yes, and the stool! It's the prettiest thing we've ever built to date, it's awesome and I hope you like it!

On the next iteration, I will be trying to expand the number of cameras, since no matter how much work goes into cleanup, the number of camera angles is the only ultimate factor which improves the quality of our 3D Capture.