Workflow in Agisoft PhotoScan

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What is 3d Scanning?

3d scanning, the process that produces a 3d scan. This process gets generalized into a single word. But, behind that one word is a big list of stages one must go through in order to generate a 3d scan.

As there are a few 3d scanning techniques on the market right now, the one I'd like to concentrate on in particular is the Photogrammetry technique.

So, what are the stages? Well, here we have the list of main procedures of interest. Some stages will be similar to other 3d scanning techniques while others are strictly native to the manipulation of data acquired with the use of a Photogrammetry System, such as the one we have at Scanlab.

Without further ado, The List:

When all is said and done, the resulting product is called a “3d Scan”. Yet, as mentioned before, each stage involves its own processes and with those processes comes a whole array of skills required to produce a quality 3d scan.

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