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Digital Doubles

This is a high quality rigged Digital Double 3D Scan. The Actor has an athletic body type and simple to modify and add to topology. The 3d Digital Double, comes with high-resolution textures.

The scan was done with a technique called Photogrammetry, processed through zBrush, rigged with Mixamo's Mechanim ready joint structure and rendered for display with Marmost ToolBag 2. Rendered images images don't have any post effects. WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get!

The scan is of 174cm in height in real-world units.

Garments and clothing can easily be added to the model, as it was made to be available for full modification to suit your projects style and taste.

You are free to use this in-house made topology for whatever other characters you may want to create out of the 3D Scan: Apply new Textures, Normal Maps, Split and Recombine with other scans available at our Store.

zBrush source asset may be found on the store in our store directory, and will give you full access to all subdivision levels and full color data.


– Easy to use inside Game Engines

– Variety of Texture Resolutions

– More scans are being released every month

– Access to source files if needed

Quotes from Developers

“We love your 3D humans scans!” – Indie Developer, Steam

Join dozens of developers who are already using our Photogrammetry 3D Scans.
“Affordable Virtual Actors and Digital Doubles for All Game Developers and VFX Producers!”

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