Cloth Simulation with Digital Doubles in Marvelous Designer

by Sep 11, 2017Clothes

Cloth Simulation with Digital Doubles in Marvelous Designer

When the requirements of your project do not warrant 3d scanning of wearables, 3D clothing can be simulated and fitted inside Cloth Simulation software such as Marvelous Designer.

Some of the benefits of this approach are the ability to grade and drape garments without the need to 3d scan them, as the software will let you know if garments don't fit. Secondly, the topology and its density can depend on the fabric being simulated. Finally, it may sometimes be easier to generate procedural textures, yet still, base them on the 3D Scan data.

Here's a short list: Who is the final customer: Gamer or Fashionista? With your garment be animated or does it require retopology? Will the garment be worn by the character at all times? Will the piece be buttoned up, unbuttoned or a both? And finally, what will be the maximum Polycount of the 3d mesh?

There are a couple of things you will need to determine when deciding upon whether to use Cloth Simulation or not. Let us know if you would like to know more about our Cloth Simulation approach for your project!


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