3D Face Scan

by | Oct 1, 2014

3D Face Scan

3D Face Scan with deep detail allows us to make full use of pores, wrinkles, and creases of talent's facial features. This gives the 3D Model a unique 3D Character Identity.

Unique features and detail frequencies of those features is what makes every 3D Scanned face unique. Character generators can somewhat get you there, but there is no way to cross the uncanny valley if facial features and detail don't fit. Therefore it is essential to get proper 3D face scan from the get-go.

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3D Face Scan

3D Head Scan

3D Head Scan pipeline is a very important aspect of Digital Double production for TV, Film and Games. As heads and faces in general are the most expressive unit of a human being. That is how we communicate with one another.

The main way our 3d head scan technique is different from our competitors is that we have been working with human faces for 15+ years and really know what it takes to get the product to a point when it becomes believable.

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3d face scans

Face 3D Scans

Capturing Facial Action Units or FACS, Micro-Expressions, Phonemes and Visemes is the best way to make sure you have the 3D scans you need for you Digi Doubles pipeline.

Using the topology of your choice, we will customize the 3D scanned mesh to match your pipeline and quality requirements.

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