3D Scanned Prosthetics

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3D Scanned Prosthetics


3D Scanned Prosthetics

Do you design Prosthetics or Orthodontics? Increase your Aesthetics and Ergonomics with the use of 3D Scanned Prosthetics!

Maximise the aesthetics and ergonomics of your prosthesis with precise 3D design. Make a product that will provide a lifetime of comfort and service.

With new development in 3D Printing and Robotics fields and the right use of our 3D Scanning Service, we envision that in this half a century, Physical Augmentation will be the subject of envy.


3D Scanned Prosthetics


Orthodontics is another extension which requires 3D Scanning as a platform to build upon.

Being able to 3D Scan and design a device which fits, corrects and feels natural is essential for the well-being of your patients. 3D printing prosthetic s can only be improved by a targeted, personalised design process.

Just imagine what' is possible with 3D replication!


3D Prosthetics

Imagine if 3D Scanned Prosthetics could be turned into beautifully designed Art, something a wearer is proud of carrying.

With the development of robotics we envision a new age where Physical Augmentation will be the subjects or envy. Before anything gets 3D Printed it gets 3D Scanned - this is what we do.

...and we're here to stay.


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Ergonomics and Aesthetics

Imagine if you could build devices which stand out from the crowd not only because they work, but because they are beautifully designed. They make your patient feel better and contribute to their well-being on a whole another level.

Instead of trying to either hide or try to forget we can finally be able to show and be proud of what has become of it.

Everything is an opportunity.


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