Aethernaut with VFS Alumni

by Jul 19, 20150 comments

Bodysuit 3D Scan

We were contacted by one of the VFS students to helped the team 3D Scan an actor wearing a bodysuit and a whole bunch of very detailed props. The major challenge was getting the actor into the setup as all the parts were sticking out and any movement he made could've hit one or all of the cameras.

Getting the Right Look

Getting all of the straps to tense up, as in the film the actor gets pulled by his parachute, in a correct and believable way took a little while. While Ultan was pulling the straps we were taking captures. The main idea was to capture the correct poses and not do the complete character from scratch. Capturing the correct poses from the get-go was the preferred method for this project.

Innovative Ideas

It is quite awesome to have students come by and share their work, hopes and dreams. The truly Innovative use of technologies often does not come from big studios, as they are just not exposed to the outside world.

Contact Ultan Courtney for more information about his project.

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