Life of Rome

by Jul 8, 2014

3D Scanned Characters

Due to the fact that we are distributing our library of 3D Scanned Characters online, game developers often buy our models and contact us when they need more. We welcome such opportunities and are always looking to help out indie studios, as we ourselves are one such studio.

Life Of Rome

This one is a very cool project! Life of Rome is a multiplayer online game with realistic characters and accurate reconstructions of ancient Rome architecture. I've visited Rome once and was fascinated by its history and its influence on the whole of Western World. I don't think I've been to a place which has so much fusion in terms of cultures.

The future

We are hoping to contribute more to this and similar projects in the future. We are committed to constantly expanding our library of 3D Scanned Characters, which will help 3D get developers find ready-to-use realistic models for their projects. Our online store offers affordable high and low resolution full body characters, faces, body parts and sets. Making game characters used to be a slow and challenging process for game creators, and Scanlab Photogrammetry is happy to offer a solution to that problem.

Contact Breakout Studio for more information about their upcoming game.

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