High Moon with AtmosphereVFX

by Sep 19, 2013

3D Scanning Actors

Here we are 3d scanning our first actors commercially. After many month of R&D we were able to get our first client. The feature is named High Moon, a pilot project by Bryan Fuller which was picked up by SyFy. On this project our task was to 3D Scan an array of heads of 8 people.

The challenge

The challenge on this project was to deliver high quality 3D Scans, as we still had a few issues to iron out. The biggest issue was the constant light. We were not shooting with flashes yet at that time and Freeze time effect was yet not possible. After this project is done we will be switching to flashes.

3D Scanned Props

Also, this very first project allowed us to do some testing with 3D scanned props. We did a whole body suite, a shoe and a head price for the main astronaut guy. Atmosphere took over the 3d aspect of the project and the final result really shines. Please, do check out the pilot! Unfortunately, this pilot did not get picked up. but, perhaps some time in the future the director and writes will develop this property further.

Contact Atmosphere VFX for more information about their part in this project.

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