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by Apr 19, 20150 comments

3D Scan Facemask

This 3D Scan facemask was commissioned by Lunacoil and The Great Northern Way Workshop for a play. The resulting model is converted to STL and will be either 3D Printed or CNC machined.

3D Scanning Technique

The 3D Scanning technique used on this project was similar to the other ones we have done. We used our 30 DSLR camera photogrammetry setup to 3D scan the back and then the front of this person. The final result was assembled in zBrush and refined for quality and detail.

The usecase

Every client has their unique needs that we are trying to achieve with each project we participate in. This one was special due to the output we were required to produce. STL is a format that engineers use in their work when designing critical system components in AutoCAD, Solidworks or Autodesk Inventor.

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