DeadRising 4 with TNG

by Nov 21, 2014

3D Scanned Characters

Using 3D Scanned Characters in video games ensures high quality and realism of avatars, and thus its popularity has been increasing.
In partnership with TNG VFX we 3D Scanned 70 people for Dead Rising 4 by bringing the whole photogrammetry setup to Capcom game studio in Burnaby, BC. The setup time was quite monumental as in 4 hours we went from fully disassembled to fully polarized! Our task was to capture faces of the future NPC characters, so we used a smaller, 30-camera setup. The 10-minute scanning sessions were scheduled for two full days. All 30 cameras were firing on command just like they were a day before in our studio.

The scanning process

For this project we decided to do 2 turns and scan the face and the back of the head separately, to capture more data. We had our turntable with us, but resorted to just using a piano stool instead, as this made the talent's job of turning 180 a whole lot easier. We did a one full capture every 10 minutes, which gave our assistant enough time to explain to the talent the procedure and the right pose.

Soon to be released

The game is not yet out and we're very much looking forward to seeing our hard work at play on such a title with such a gigantic following. Better yet, it is our own Capcom who is making it and we're very proud to have them here in Vancouver. Developing the talent, technology and the intellectual property.

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