Why We 3d Scan People?

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Why We 3d Scan People

There are many reasons why VFX and Game studios must 3d scan people. The reasons for this are 3d scans of people will always take priority where both, safety and realism are required. As directors try to awe more and more people to the theaters, the stunts that must be performed by the stunt people become more dangerous to perform. Explosions, motorcycle accidents, dangerous jumps from airplanes and helicopters are all types of special effects which are to avoid for movie productions. But, it doesn't have to be that way, as no one needs to get hurt if we just get into a habit of 3d scanning actors.

Another reason to 3d scan people is that the realism of digital characters can be easily simulated and achieved with the help of artist talent and the right set of tools. The process of creating 3d characters for VFX in movies and Games is fast and guarantees superior results as well as a high degree of reusability of 3d captures of the actor in more thrilling scenes, but this time safely, as a Digital Double.

Lastly, prototyping a Game or a VR experience with a 3d scanned person sets you above those competing for startup funds. There is no way your competitor can easily create a realistic digital character before acquiring years of character modeling experience.

While hand modeled 3d people will not disappear anytime soon and will stay in the domain of 3d cartoon animation, realistic 3D Characters cannot be achieved in any other way or form, but through the process of 3d capture.


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