Photogrammetry Scan Resolution and How to Determine It?

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Photogrammetry Scan Resolution

Photogrammetry scanners are not made equal. Therefore, the resolution of your scanner may vary depending on the number of cameras you have and resolution of those cameras.

Parallax and Effective Pixels. Depending on the way you overlap your camera images your parallax may vary. But, generally, your edge cameras that do not share pixels with other cameras get discarded. So, if you have 2 cameras, you may be able to use them to about 70% of their resolution. If you say have 7x24mp Nikon D.3200 cameras per general coverage module like we do, then your effective vertical resolution is 18000px. Given your subjects height is 180cm and he fits within the 18000px span with effectively stacked cameras, you should be getting a resolution of 100px/cm or 10px/mm.

Determining photogrammetry resolution is a complicated process with lots of different factors at work. We're going to be covering more of it in our future blog posts. For some more basic info, check out our 3d scanning process FAQ.


Photogrammetry Resolution

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