Texture Cleanup Process

by Sep 29, 2017Step 5: Cleanup

Texture Cleanup

Texture Cleanup process begins when exporting a re-projected texture from Agisoft Photoscan to a file.

The issues that may encounter when you open the file in Photoshop is that some areas will be blocked off completely, or, perhaps, areas under the armpits will still have some ambient occlusion. Lastly, the bounce from the light rig may be weighted either towards the top or the bottom of the subject. Therefore it is important that we even out the texture at this stage to avoid the look of baked in lights. One way to do that is through Frequency splitting, for which you will be able to find plenty of tutorials on YouTube.

Most importantly, when you're doing texture cleanup, make sure mouth and eye corners match, the area under the nose is clean, and the ear halo does not get projected onto the back of the head.

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