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Talent for Games

Continuing with our Talent Agency for Games efforts, meanwhile trying to democratise Acting, Casting, Agency and Production of Digital Doubles by filling a niche within the digital realm. We've decided to do some research to find out what the following membership societies do and how they differ.

It looks like the above the line industry has its things together, unlike the VFX industry. Oh well, its not the end of the world just yet. Though, the most interesting thing to notice for me was how these groups support each other, not only with their union related things, but as a community where people help each other.

On the other hand I've just watched a whole bunch of marketing material, so I guess not everything is as rosy as it seems.


Talent Agency for Games

Actors Guilds and Societies

List of the most popular non-profit entities we follow:

SAG - Screen Actors Guild
AFTRA - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
ACTRA - Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (moderates EIC - Entertainment Industry Code of Ethics)
CAEA - Canadian Actors' Equity Association
EQUITY - British Actors' Equity Association
FIA - International Federation of Actors
UBCP - Union of BC Performers

TAMAC - Talent Agents and Managers Association of Canada
ATA - Association of Talent Agents

CSA - Casting Society of America
CDC - Casting Directors Society of Canada
CCDA - Commercial Casting Directors Association

Of course, there are more but these are some of the main ones.


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