Real-time PBR skin shader with SSS for Unity3D UE4

by | Aug 21, 2017

Real-time PBR skin shader with SSS for Unity3D UE4

As offline rendering technology is finding new ways to optimize rendering effects of skin, real-time online rendering is fast catching up and capitalizing on those developments. It is very much possible these days to simulate the required look of skin and all its properties by accessing multi-core capabilities of client's GPUs. In fact, it is becoming super hard to determine what's being rendered real-time and what's not, thanks to a few big players that help push those limits: UnrealEngine and Unity3D.

The PBR component gave our industry a streamlined and predictable way to create and layer skin effects, no longer do we need to play with millions of sliders to achieve the desired look and no longer does our work need to go back and forth because skin does not look “right”.

Of course, there is a disadvantage of not being able to create alien materials, but for those who are into 3d scanning that is something we should not concern ourselves with, as finding alien 3d scan subjects are will still be very much unreachable for the foreseeable future.

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