Photogrammetry Image Processing in CameraRAW

by Sep 27, 2017Step 3: Color Calibration

Processing Photogrammetry Images with CameraRAW

As it is a common practice to 3D Capture sets of photos in a RAW format, even though some studios still capture their data in JPG, we at Scanlab prefer to do our captures the right way to preserve as much detail as possible.

Processing Photogrammetry Images with CameraRAW is still necessary due to the fact that, for one, Agisoft Photoscan is still unable to import NEF and RAW, and secondly, post-processing is needed to fix secondary lighting artifacts, such as underexposed and overexposed photos. These types of artifacts still happen even with a well-calibrated system. The reason for this is direct and nondirect light hitting the lens from all different angles creating a light wash over CPL filters.

What we do is we fix this issue in Adobe CameraRAW and batch convert our images to 16-bit TIFF for best quality input data.

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