Pore Detail of a 3D Scan

by Mar 20, 2014Head

Effect of Age on 3D Scan Detail

With this latest test, we were trying to find out how much face detail we can get out of our 30 camera Photogrammetry rig and Agisoft Photoscan.

As you can see, the Pore-level detail is very easy to get using our technique and 3d scan cleanup process. But, the age of talent plays a huge role in whether the morphologic properties of their skin can be reconstructed using Photogrammetry.

3d Scanning in Makeup

When 3D scanning young people, especially women, the results can vary drastically due to the quality of their makeup. In fact, it would be interesting to see whether better makeup is able to interfere with the 3d reconstruction of faces. If the reconstruction is bad, you would know that the makeup which is being used is good, therefore, able to hide skin imperfections from our 3D Scanner.

Generally, if you would like to get a good quality 3D scan, I suggest you do not use any makeup at all. We can always add it later at the Texturing stage if needed.

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