Mecanim Characters for Pcap with Ipisoft

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Mecanim Characters for Pcap with Ipisoft

Mecanim is an animation system for Unity 4 and above. It is a system that controls Avatar's animation states during play. Since those animation states can be quite complex, it is necessary to have a system capable of dealing with such complexity, as the Legacy animation state workflows required coding skills.

Basic units of Mecanim are animation clips. Each clip can represent a state, also, a few clips can be blended together to comprise a state. So making sure your clips can be blended in a coherent manner, you want your basic units to be as good as they can be.

Scanlab's 3D scanned characters together with their simple joint rig, which comes with the asset when you purchase them through TurboSquid, are compatible with the Mecanim system and ragdoll. The characters easy to animate and prototype with by using animation libraries or Ipisoft's marker-less Performance Capture software.

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