Human 3d Scans for Unity3d

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Human 3d Scans: Virtual Avatars

Human 3d Scans have recently been generating much news with the release of latest movies and games displaying the potential of 3d scanning technology.

But, as big VFX and Game development studios jumped on the bandwagon of real-world data capture, the cost of full-body photogrammetry capture systems has instead been increasing. Why?

The issue is cameras. As more 3d scanning service vendors have been trying to enter the market, DSLR camera manufacturers have stayed on top of the Photogrammetry game and have slowly been expanding their camera production capacity, as well as, increasing prices for DSLRs in their effort to generate the more money for themselves, and who can blame them. Human 3d scans require many cameras to capture everything there is to capture in a split second.

Who knows when a new technology will come out delivering better results. Lightfields? Maybe, but I can't imagine the cost. What do you think is the future for human 3d scans?


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