Face 3d Scan: A System for Facial 3d Capture

by Mar 17, 2014Archive, Scanlab News

Face 3d Scan: A System for Facial Capture

Recently, I did a yet another demo of our Face 3d Scan System for a VFX Artist turned VFX Supervisor I knew for a long time. We worked together some time ago at Image Engine, the Visual Effects production studio famous for some of best Neil Blomkamp's movies, all of them actually. Check out this side by side comparison of a textured and a non-textured face 3d scan.

The way we accomplished the 3D capture for this demo is we first captured the front of the person's face and then his back, merging both chunks together during the 3d Scan Cleanup process by importing and fixing texture and geometry seams in zBrush.

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