Drone 3d Scan: Capturing Buildings and Trees

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Drone 3d Scan: Capturing Large-scale Objects

Drone 3d Scans: We used a drone with a mounted GoPro camera to take over 700 images to help us recreate this tree trunk in photogrammetry. Perhaps you have a similar use case?

3D Capture of large objects is a yet another problem we are able to solve with the right mix of imagination, technology and skill! We’ve been bearing the idea of capturing the 800-year-old Stanley Park Hollow Tree for about a year. It is a great example of a nature-created beautiful object that can be used by gamers or film-makers alike in their virtual environments.

As we all know, it sometimes takes one lucky meeting with another enthusiast to turn the idea into reality. So we met with a licensed pilot who is immerced into his craft as we are immersed into 3d capture,
and the idea came to fruition!

Thanks to the talent and skills of our pilot videographer and the 3d capture team, we are happy to present the highly-accurate drone 3D scan of our famous Vancouver attraction!


Large Object 3d Capture

Large-scale 3D Capture

In such a large object 3d capture, we used a drone with a GoPro camera to take over 700 images from every possible angle to help us recreate the tree trunk, roots and of course the hollow.

The goal was to create a Drone 3d Scan by taking enough pictures to ensure the high amount of detail.

We ended up no using the whole capture set, as 25% was a sufficient enough number of photographs to reconstruct the final 3D model.


3D Scans of Trees

We used AgiSoft Photoscan software to process the images and combine them into a 3d model of the tree.

The result is the high-quality 3D scan of the tree that will be available for sale at our store. The model will be ready to be used in the virtual environment for game or film.

Call us today if you have a need for Drone 3d Scan service and we will be happy to provide it to you!


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