3d Scan with a Camera

by Sep 27, 2017Step 2: Capture

3D Scan with a Camera

3D Scan with a camera process is another way people can refer to 3d capture. As there a number of types of photogrammetry systems out there, lets talk about the specifics of the single camera approach.

While data can still be gathered using a single digital camera, this is not a viable option in case of dynamic subjects such as live people, due to the fact that people tend to move ever so slightly. The discrepancy in captured data point alignment of a live subject can amount to a photo set which cannot be aligned and converted into a 3d model. Therefore we must use a multi-camera rig, such as the one we make available to our clients through our 3d scanning service.

The 3d Scanning System at the Scanlab contains 132 cameras and allows us to 3d scan live actors, and their facial expressions within a timeframe of a micro-second.

Here is an image that in a newbie-friendly way best illustrates how cameras work, unfortunately the author of it shell remain unnamed. (If you are the author, I'd be glad to parade your name all over the web, as this is the best illustration ever.)

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