3D Scan Cleanup Process: The Prelude

by Sep 27, 2017Step 5: Cleanup

3D Scan Cleanup Process

3D scan cleanup process is an extremely important step that every 3d scanned mesh must go through after 3d capture. But, your 3d scan cleanup process must start much earlier than you may think.

After the 3d capture process, you may be surprised to find out that more than a few areas of your subject were occluded from the camera view and are not captured at all. Even with the best of the best equipment and with the most reasonable photogrammetry system some data will be missing and someone will have to put in the time to analyze, interpret and do 3d scan cleanup on those areas. There are fixes that can be done to your scanning rig to ensure you receive all you are owed for the money you've put in to get those 3d scans done.

The first fix is your camera coverage. Camera coverage is the fundamental layer of all photogrammetry, the second layer is the overlap. Having cameras pointing to all the essential places of interest is very important, even at the cost of missing overlaps in unimportant regions. This is because getting both: the essential and the best quality data will give you the ability to interpret, repair, fix and reconstruct all occluded regions based on only the good data.

If you start with that in mind, your 3d scan cleanup process will be much easier that what it would have been if you are randomly throwing cameras.

If you live outside of Vancouver and are looking for the 3d scanning service provider similar to us, make sure you pick the one who will provide you with the cleanest data possible and consider using our 3d scan cleanup service for your scan post-processing needs.


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