3D Full Body Scans

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3D Full Body Scans

More 3D Full Body Scans are coming your way every month. Yet, we haven't posted any news in a while. Follow the link to see our new batch of 3D Full Body Scans we produced recently for our library of Digital Doubles.

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3D Full Body Scanner

3D Full Body scanners come in different shapes and sizes. Some of 3d Full body Scanners use lasers and some of them, like the one we build, utilise Photogrammetry.

The advantage of our full body scanner is that we are able to capture action poses in a matter of seconds instead of hours. Due to the constant movements that can happen during the shoot, it is essential that the 3d full body scanner is able to perform in unison with the speed of human motion.

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3d full body scans

Body 3D Scans

Our 3D Digital Double Body Scanning solution is specially tuned to getting the best quality Cyber scans possible, down to the pore level detail.

Human, person, people, man, woman, male, female can be captured with far more surface detail than what will be visible on the cinema or computer screen.

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