Product Imaging with PRIZMIQ

by Jun 10, 2015

3D Scanning Shoes

Scanlab has worked with a number of start ups in the field of apparel design in order to aid their efforts with our 3D Product Imaging Service and bring their idea of 3D Apparel customization to life. One of such companies is PRIZMIQ, a company behind 3D Product visualization platform for SHOES.COM.


PRIZMIQ approached us with a few samples from some of the leading sports and fashion brands, such as Solomon and Michael Kors. After seeing such an overwhelming response, we went in talks on getting a big library of shoes 3D scanned for PRIZMIQ and their clients. As what we learned from our initial run has helped us design a special kind of Photogrammetry Setup, which controls the rotation of the shoe to make it easy to scan from different angles. We have also improved our pipeline to handle 3D Product Imaging on industrial scale. Our future plan is to automate some of the manual processes which are required for an easier way to deliver Imaged Products to the client. But, the biggest challenge still lies with the mainstream adoption of 3D Product Imaging techniques by the industry as a whole.

3D Scanning System

Scanlab 3D human body scanner captures 50 000 000 body data points within 1 second and our software generates a unique human 3D model, which can be used by a tailor to make apparel. After the apparel piece has been designed and manufactured we can digitize it to make marketing material, which can be viewed in customer’s browser or a VR headset as a 3D Product!
We are dedicated to building a big database of human body dimensions, that will help apparel designers, manufacturers and marketers produce based on real needs, thus solving the root problem of inventory. It is the new No Orders - No Inventory model. Make your customers enjoy the online shopping experience with greater efficiency and convenience with Scanlab.

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