Jason Bourne with DoubleNegative

by Aug 19, 2015

3D Scanning

3D Scanning is gaining popularity for sequences where actor's life may be in danger due to fast moving objects etc.

Julia Styles was the actress we needed to 3D scan for the chase sequence where she hits the wall on a motorbike in the new Bourne movie.

Julia's facial expressions and body were captured to recreate her full-body digital double.

3D Body Scan

Julia's body shape was captured using our 80-camera rig, which captures enough data for a high-resolution body scan.

After our modeling team did the clean up, the model was sent to Warner Brothers and Double Negative thereafter for the and 3D animation stage.

We did not get to show the work in the movie as the scene was cut! :(

FACS 3D Scans

Our second task was to scan a database of the actor's facial shapes so the VFX team at Double Negative could take over from there and build a facial rig.

We had a makeup artist come by to take care of the face markers and once those were placed the 3D Scanning bit of FACS began. To speed the data transferring time, the number of working cameras was reduced to 40.

All in all about 20 shapes were scanned, which is all most fast sequences require.

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