3d Body Scans with HoloFilm Productions

by Aug 19, 2015

HoloFilm Productions on IndiGoGo

VR is everywhere and 3D scanning is giving it a helping hand. HoloFilm Productions, the company behind the IndiGoGo campaign visited us a few days ago.

The unique needs which needed to be addressed in this instance were the fluidity of our 3D Capture system to see if we're able to capture people in different poses.

Visit HoloFilm Productions for more information on their project.


Unique Challenges of Pose Capture

The unique challenges of the industry pose an interesting problem. Similar to the sports industry, pose variations for the HoloFilm market, the flexibility of the 3D scanning system is a must due to variations in poses.

Due to extreme pose variations, parts of the body may still escape the volume and may need to be reconstructed manually.

We are able to address such scenarios by contracting and expanding the 3d capture volume as required.


3D Scanning Technology Use-cases

3D Scanning Technology Use-cases

In the future, 3d scanning will be in use by more and more markets. This is already happening and more tech-savvy product designers and marketers are already utilizing and benefiting from it.

It is hard to imagine that just a couple of years ago the 3d capture technology was completely out of reach for most.

Likeness capture and replication is all around us when we're present to see it.


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