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3D Modelling


3D Modelling

3D Modelling is a vast field. It encompasses every animate and inanimate object that you can think of, real or virtual. Applications of digital 3D Modelling skill in every imaginable field are endless. 3D Modelling is a process of exploration, invention, creation, design, function and evolution.

Some of the most common applications of digital 3D modelling skill in the context of Entertainment Media are in creation of 3D Environments, 3D Sets, 3D Props, 3D Characters and this may go way beyond into Multi-Dimensional Data Visualisation.

3D Modelling is a skill of 3d object creation with the help of software capable of mimicking space and matter.


3D Scanning Services

3D Sets Modelling

3D Sets Modelling or 3D Environment modelling can mean the same thing. Yet, in terms of scope, 3D Sets Modelling requires a skill in observing and recreating only a certain range of phenomena from the 3D Modelling artist.

The 3D Modeller MUST notice how objects in Real-Life are organised, how they Function, Interact, Behave: brake, fold; what types of traces they leave behind: Scratches, Marks, Dents, Bumps, residue. Their Volume, Weight and Energy characteristics.

Many people can notice quite a few of these in their daily lives, but the true 3D Modellers capable of extreme incite go way beyond.


3D Sets Modelling Services

3D Prop Modeling

3d Environment Modeling in contrast to Sets modelling requires observatory skill of a different scope of phenomena. 3D Environments can consist of mountain ranges, crop culture fields, forests, villages, cities, city blocks or combinations of the aforementioned.

Very often, environments of such scope can be simulated with use of L-Systems or assembled by hand for a more precise control of scene composition. Most importantly, all aspects of 3D Environment Modelling flow are controlled by laws of the world's physics. Side-stepping is discouraged if a 3D Environment Modeller means to create a consistent world and a High-Budget look.

Here are the ground rules: Newbies - Don't check, Amateurs - Double-Check, Professionals - Triple-Check.


3D Character Modelling Services

3D Character Modelling

3D Character Modelling is something we hold very dear to our heart as it is at the core of Scanlab expertise. We specialise in every style of 3D Character Modelling, from extreme realism to stylised and cartoony characters.

We're familiar with every aspect of the process and hone this skill every single day, to a point where some concepts simply cannot be vocalised due to the lack of words to encompass and compress the meaning.

Our VR Gallery is our means of expressing our thousand words.



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